My Journey

My Main Teachers…

Leonie has practiced yoga for over 20 years, with a passion for its healing and transformational effects. She has studied many different styles and been graced with the association and guidance of many amazing Masters of various traditions, including ten years intensive training and approval as a teacher by Sri Swami Purohit, as well as in Hatha and Astanga styles. She has an interest in all true yoga paths…

She has also been working as a holistic therapist since the year 2000.

Full Bio

My yoga journey began over 20 years ago and right from the beginning it offered me access to levels of peace inside me that I never remembered having experienced before. I had been working as a massage therapist for a couple of years and had an interest in fitness and wellbeing but yoga was exactly what I needed to learn to really relax and begin to blossom. I became a regular practitioner straight away and attended many classes of different schools and styles. I have had long phases of practicing Ashtanga vinasa, Iyenga and kundalini yoga as well as trying other types that were available locally as I and my family relocated several times.

In the year 2000 I trained as an ITEC massage therapist and in 2002 qualified as a reflexologist as well. Then, after experiencing a few transformational hypnotherapy sessions, became very interested in the power of the mind, levels of the unconscious and their effects on our health and wellbeing. I trained for 2 years with Phil Parker (inventor of the lightening process) in London to become a master practitioner of hypnotherapy, NLP and life coaching. Over many years, I researched deeply into this fascinating field and helped countless amazing clients to transform themselves and their lives, running a successful holistic therapy business. I have continued studying as I work as so often discovering new and fascinating ways to accelerate transformation in this miracle of the body/mind connection we find ourselves living as.
I have a wide variety of interests from crystal healing to horse riding but yoga is always no 1. Through the years it has served as an anchor to my soul during life’s many challenges, as well as teaching me to develop physical, mental and emotional strength, stamina and a growing peace.

In 2006, I was extremely lucky to meet a truly enlightened master of yoga, Sri Swami Purohit After mastering Kriya, Hatha, Tantra and Mantra yoga and meditation over a 45 year period he was encouraged by his spiritual master to bring the traditional teachings of Himalayan masters to the west. Recognising him for who he is, I began following his guidance and commited to a daily yoga and meditation practice which he assured me would accelerate my learning and expansion of consciousness. As I have found this and everything else he says completely true I have continued ever since. Beginning in 2011 I attended his 18 month advanced yoga and meditation course, then another 18 to complete level 2 and am now commited to a 3rd Kriya yoga of light programme and daily practice. He has graced me with a view of many aspects of yoga and a few years ago gave me his blessing to teach. I know I am deeply blessed to be able to ongoingly spend one weekend each month with this incredible light being and to continually receive his priceless guidance.
The asana and pranayama practice he has taught me includes plenty of relaxation throughout, in which we intergrate the changes, stimulated by movement, into our energetic system. This system, in most cases, is not functioning as well as it could due to unatural living and particularly, repressing emotions over time. When it is fully functional meditation happens naturally and joy is our expression.

Through Swami Purohit’s broad and thorough research he has developed a style which has powerful effects while being fairly simple to perform and appropriate for just about everyone. I call it ‘Pure Yoga’ as I do my best to offer the teaching, as close as I am able, to the way he delivers it

Although I have always continued to go to regular local classes of Hatha, Ashtanga or Iyenga yoga I have found Swamiji’s style of ‘Pure yoga’ actually the most powerful in stimulating the activation of chakras and movement of prana through the whole bodily system than any other kind I have tried.

In 2014, while travelling in India, I attended a Hatha and Ashtanga vinasa teacher training course at Siva yoga peeth in Rishikesh. This is a brilliant school, run by Swami Sudhiranand, and studying there greatly deepened my knowlege, understanding and ability to teach a broader spectrum of diversity in my classes. I was also given a ‘Best student’ certificate on qualifying and have since enjoyed teaching many retreats, workshops and classes in Sussex and Spain. I love teaching as I have a great interest in healing and transformation and am deeply Inspired by the possibilities of empowering people to heal themselves through yoga.

My preferred style is a fusion of traditional Hatha yoga and the Pure yoga of Swami Purohit. In my classes you can expect plenty of stimulating and opening movement, followed by deep relaxation, powerful pranayama breathing exercises and access to deeper levels of conciousness inside you.

I have an interest in all yoga paths and as well as benefitting massively from all the styles I have explored, regularly attend satsang (association with truth) and Bhakti group meetings. I am very interested in Hindu scriptures and their study and am also a mum, nan and student of life. In truth, I love all aspects of yoga and intend to continue practice until the day I leave this planet.
Aum shanti x